Anonymous: Do you work out?

i wish i had time.

Anonymous: Next time you go to pita pit, you should order a nice veggie pita and chat up the dark haired- blue eyed boy with a cute lil beard. I promise you won't regret it:)

i will make sure to! :)

Anonymous: "Cameron Diaz looks like a melted Barbie doll"

hahaha oh my god meryk HEY

Anonymous: Lmao it's funny bc I bet all the 12 yos in your shit town think you're really cutting edge but they'll get tumblrs and realize you are one of 500,000 replicas floating around with over arched backs and ski masks and celebrity aspirations. Send me the 2k14 #basicsquad t shirt, I'd love to support you.

ha i never claimed to be anything